About FanHubz

FanHubz supports community building and discovery around BBC content items such as TV shows, radio programmes, or artists.


The central concept is a "Fan Hub". Each Hub is associated with a BBC ID and provides a tailored browser for shows (coming soon: artists) and related resources like series and episodes. In addition to the data directly provided by the BBC, FanHubz uses a set of semantic bots to monitor Twitter. These bots will find, analyse, aggregate, and interlink tweets with Hubs. The result is a blend of static and dynamic information which lets you track buzz around your favourite shows and artists and simplifies getting in touch with other BBC followers.

Tagging your tweets

Contributing to a Hub is easy. On each Hub page you will find a short list of "Hubtags". If you use such a Hubtag in your Twitter messages, they will be indexed. Alternatively, you can add a /programmes or /music URL to your tweets, FanHubz will find those, too.


We plan to provide extended community features that will let you enhance and reuse the aggregated information. For now, you can join and leave a Hub through a Twitter interface, and rate BBC shows. FanHubz also provides a rich API for accessing the collected tweet and fan data. We are currently working on a signup mechanism so that you can add ratings and reviews directly via the fanhu.bz site.

For Developers

FanHubz is based on the Resource Description Framework, with RDF data being available through two separate Talis Platform stores: The first contains the official BBC data, and the second is used for FanHubz community data.

RDF Schemas:

  • Programmes (stable)
  • Music (stable)
  • FanHubz (ad-hoc)

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fanhu.bz is maintained by the Talis Platform Team.

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