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Tweet stream

  • Ben Folley
    RT @SamTarry: RT @krishgm funny how its all the posh people who complain about class discrimination these days. hilarious! #bbcqt
  • Robson Brown
    Good #bbcqt tonight, such a vast contrast to a few weeks back with Falconer and Self, next week's gonna be a corker too.
  • David Haddrell
    Next week's panel; Piers Morgan, Richard Dannat & William Hague. I might get in the Guinness Book of Records for use of the word cunt #bbcqt
  • Becky Barrett
    RT @MarkBIGSW: @bbcquestiontime Irish girl in the audience said more in one sentence than the panel has said all night, lame #bbcqt
  • Kid Lewis
    Ashley Cole, he cheated 3 times apparently! Noob! RT @rugbyrose: While we're on trivial gossip then, who's the footballer? #bbcqt
  • David Briggs
    #bbcqt - Fucksake - Piers Moron on next week....
  • michelle
    RT @rugbyrose: I cannot believe Tiger Woods has come up on Question Time. How ridiculous. #bbcqt
  • pic
    Tim Roll-Pickering
    @stuartmaclennan I thought she said referendums? #bbcqt
  • Stuart Carter
    RT @sonofmuff: Well said Clive...Brilliant. #bbcqt
  • Andy 'JR' Hartley
    I'm pretty sure the answer to the question is NO! #bbcqt
  • Torchwood Forum
    How to... Sigs and Avators: by kallie2008.Hi. Is there an easy way of acquiring these. On another f... http://bit.ly/8pXY71 #Torchwood #TWF
  • pic
    Danny W
    Kirsty Alsopp for Chancellor! #questiontime
  • pic
    Danny W
    MPs shouldn't decide how much bankers should be paid as they can't work out what to pay themselves! Clive Anderson on #questiontime
  • Holly Foster
    on QI
    In bed wearing eeyore pjs watching #QI
  • Joe Lidster
    Torchwood's Katy Wix singing 'Last Christmas'. I could be on the turn. #karaokecircus #torchwood
  • Michael Hinman
    @Fantsinpants this is the day after it airs in the UK #DoctorWho
  • Misha Anker
    on QI
    @SaliWho I have to admit I agree with you there #QI
  • Stigmurder
    on QI
    *flail* @stephenfry in a white(ish) suit! Looking like James Bond! ^_^ #QI
  • KnitCave
    on QI
    #QI sqeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  • TomBeasley
    on QI
    Yay for #QI. :)