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  • What is FanHubz?

    FanHubz supports community building and discovery around BBC content items such as TV shows, radio programmes, or artists.

  • How can I find a Hub?

    On the home page, enter the name of the show or topic into the search box. You will get a list of suggestions with links to matching Hubs.

  • How can I add tweets to a Hub?

    On each Hub page you will find a short list of "Hubtags". If you use such a Hubtag in your Twitter messages, they will be indexed. Alternatively, you can add a /programmes or /music URL to your tweets.

  • What are Hubtags?

    Hubtags are small keywords that you can add to your tweets. The hubtag for Doctor Who, for example, is #drwho.

  • How can I join a Hub?

    On Twitter, send the message "@fanhubz I'm a fan of #xxxx", where xxxx is one of the tags mentioned on the respective Hub page.

  • How can I leave a Hub?

    On Twitter, send the message "@fanhubz I'm no longer a fan of #xxxx", where xxxx is one of the tags mentioned on the respective Hub page.

  • How can I rate a show or episode?

    On the "summary" tab of the item that you want to rate, you can see a list of associated tags and a link to the official BBC URI. Add one of the tags or the BBC URL to a tweet, together with 1-5 asterisks for the intended rating (e.g. "#drwho ****" would add a "4 out of 5" rating to the Doctor Who brand).

  • How is the FanRank calculated?

    The FanRank is based on a small number of statistical values: The number of fans, the average rating, the amount of tweets, and the overall mood. The higher the FanRank, the more likely it is that the related Hub will be featured on the homepage.

  • How is the Mood calculated?

    The Mood value is based on a (very) simple analysis of individual tweets. A software agent tracks BBC-related messages for sentiment indicators such as "cool", "awful", ":-D", etc. and adds a few simple negation checks (e.g. "not that good"). The overall sum of positive and negative tweets results in a number which can then be used to generate a human-readable Mood label.

  • Do you provide an API?

    Yes. The public data used by FanHubz can be accessed through a SPARQL API.

  • I would like to use the API. Which RDF vocabularies do you support?

    FanHubz reuses the Programmes Ontology, the Music Ontology, and a custom FanHubz Schema.

  • What sort of queries does the FanHubz-enriched data enable?

    FanHubz calculates and aggregates data to better answer questions such as:
    • Which BBC shows are discussed on Twitter?
    • Which BBC shows generate buzz?
    • Who is interested in which BBC shows?
    • What do people think about certain BBC broadcasts?
    • Which tags is the community using to refer to BBC content items?
    • Which BBC shows have a shared fan base?
    • Which other show might be of interest to a fan ox X?
    • Could Twitter be utilised as a feedback channel?
    • Which external websites are referenced in tweets about BBC shows?
    See below for a list of sample queries.

SPARQL Query examples

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  • Which BBC TV shows are linked from Tweets?

    PREFIX fh: <>
    PREFIX dct: <>
    PREFIX dc: <>
    SELECT DISTINCT ?bbc_id ?title WHERE {
      ?pos dct:subject ?bbc_id .
      ?bbc_id a fh:TVResource ;
              dc:title ?title .
    ORDER BY ?title
    LIMIT 30

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  • Popular hashtags being used in tweets about Question Time

    PREFIX fanhubz: <>
    PREFIX dcterms: <>
    PREFIX dc: <>
    SELECT ?s (count(?x) as ?tweets) WHERE {
      ?x dc:subject "bbcqt" ;
        dc:subject ?s
      FILTER ( ?s != "questiontime" && ?s != "bbcqt" && ?s != "b006t1q9" )
    GROUP BY ?s
    ORDER BY DESC(?tweets)

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  • What urls have been mentioned in tweets about #doctorwho?

    PREFIX fanhubz: <>
    PREFIX dcterms: <>
      ?x fanhubz:tagSubject <> ;
        dcterms:references ?r

    Run this query
  • What BBC urls have been explicitly tweeted?

    PREFIX fanhubz: <>
    PREFIX dcterms: <>
      ?x dcterms:references ?r
      FILTER ( regex( str(?r), "" ) )

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  • What hashtags co-occur with the topgear hashtag?

    PREFIX fanhubz: <>
    PREFIX dcterms: <>
    PREFIX dc: <>
      ?x dc:subject "topgear" ;
        dc:subject ?s
      FILTER ( ?s != "topgear" )

    Run this query

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You can also ask Leigh Dodds via Twitter.