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Tweet stream

  • Steven Schapansky
    #chronichysteresis 4T2 - The Invisible Enemy 2 http://u.mavrev.com/09hix #doctorwho
  • chris486
    @markinreading it's as good as any place to have a city - handy for the M1, railways etc #bbcqt #leicester
  • pic
    skuey would like to thank the following #eastenders fans @Headphaze @LadyPnut @ameobatube
  • Scott Dale
    @NicolleHope haha tis been doing my head in ! they just need to get together!!! RICKY and BIANCA! :P #eastenders
  • pic
    Julie D.
    "I have a to-do list that's longer than a fucking Leonard Cohen song", Malcolm #TheThickofIt
  • pic
    Mark Adams
    Leicesterwikifact: "Leicester is close to the heart of the M1 motorway at Junction 21" <<"heart of the M1" WTF?????> #bbcqt
  • Ed Whitfield
    Tonight's #eastenders in a tweet: Plastic woman paid to return to factory, simpleton ignores perfect partner and plump Miss Marple clueless.
  • pic
    RT @NayCay Denise From #Eastenders Looks Like A Calypso Chicken <-- PAHAAA.
  • pic
    Pat Evans was wearing a particularly sexual blouse tonight. May look up my nearest branch of BHS.Or possibly Bon Marche #eastenders
  • Nicole Downes
    Wahay ricky and bianca won the dance comp after Sam didn't Turn up =D they belong together =) #eastenders
  • Howard Kirby
    Surely Archie has to leave soon...he's back in Gavin and Stacey soon #eastenders
  • Oliver Launn
    Oh Pat, nobody wants to see a private dance. And I guess I now know what Patsy and Anton's freestyle would've looked like. #Eastenders #SCD
  • Jacob Gardner
    Pat is a bit of a slut on Eastenders xD #bbc #eastenders
  • pic
    Mark Adams
    "Touted as one of "Blair's babes"" #interestinghistory-not #bbcqt Now, HONESTLY, why is "being touted as..." faintly interesting #bbcqt
  • ricky knowles
    RT @bbcquestiontime: #bbcqt in Leicester this evening,with a slight change of panel - we've lost Kelvin MacKenzie to illness, he's been ...
  • Steve Cobham
    @dolbsterthepoet Is she on #bbcqt? FUCKING ADA!
  • Rhian Davies
    @molesworth_1 Good for you and congrats. Good to see your safe return, especially for #bbcqt night!
  • pic
    Mark Adams
    "Ferrari considered a switch to politics" #interestinghistory-not #bbcqt
  • pic
    Mark Adams
    "He has since held a number of posts in government, including Labour whip" #interestinghistory-not #bbcqt
  • pic
    Mark Adams
    "Before entering politics, he was an athlete, running the 200m....at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics" #interestinghistory-not #bbcqt